Police Officers Association

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Firefighters Association

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All of SF yearbooks are customized to the association’s specifications. The amount of pages any yearbook contains depends on the theme of the campaign. The typical themes are; information on gang awareness, drug and alcohol abuse, crime prevention, personal safety, disaster preparedness and fire prevention.

The articles include action photos, advertisements from the sponsors, and articles of current and/or past events.

What we do and the steps involved:

  • Analyze demographics & evaluate economic climate
  • Determine whether seasonal or year-round economy exists, in order to establish optimum drive dates
  • Develop lead lists for campaign area, categorized by residents and businesses
  • Develop campaign strategy, type of books and events
  • Develop sales presentation, establishing verification procedures
  • Notify community leaders
  • Solicitation & collection of monies
  • Customized plaque program to advertisers
  • Publication layout and editing
  • Printing & distribution of publication to the association, school system, advertisers, and special event attendees